Meet Cherry Torn

I am Cherry Torn, veteran adult film star, director and experienced dominatrix. If you’re a committed pervert, you’ve seen me. You know who I am.

I’m a sultry brunette, whip smart with a filthy mouth and curves that kill. I’m frequently told I only get hotter in person.

I move across a room with confidence and know exactly how to use my many assets to my advantage.

I love getting dolled up and take pleasure in getting to know one another over a sinful drink and delicious bites. Nothing compares to the mind/body connection that happens from shared subversive adventures and slinky, sexy rendezvous. A divine synergy.

On that note, one of my absolute favorite ways is to spend an evening is with you and my perfect wife Sophie. Your mind won’t rest for one second when you are caught between two of us. We have been lovingly referred to as, “The perfect pair of matching bookends” and take pride in leaving you speechless.


Entrepreneur, lifestyle kinkster/fetishist, compulsive organizer, wine lover, dog mom of four.

I first experienced the world through reading. Books, words and writing are a huge part of my life. I love fantasy, science fiction and politics.

I’m also an adventerous traveler with incurable wanderlust. Although I call California home, I’m constantly looking for “excuses” to plan my next adventure.

Extra points if you’re an animal lover, pay attention to details, know to tip your waitress and manage to consistently keep your word. 😉


My current homebase is San Diego. In addition I’m also regularly available in the SF Bay Area and open to travel engagments for my most exclusive clientele.

Although my inbox is always bursting with messages, I’m very picky about who I choose to spend my time with. Quality over quantity and all that jazz.

Can’t wait to get to you better.