Meet Cherry Torn

You’ve seen me. You know who I am. Cherry Torn, veteran adult film star and experienced dominatrix.

I’ve spent the last decade in porn, sticking my greedy paws into so many of the famous pussies you jerk off to. My conquests are in a league you can only dream of. I have countless dirty stories to torment you with. Just take the plunge and I will wrap you around my finger with ease.

I’m a sultry brunette that bares a bit too much cleavage and has heels that are a bit too high.I move across a room with confidence and love teasing and tantalizing with my juicy

curves, both incidentally and with purpose.

Subversive adventures and slinky, sexy rendezvous…

Subversive adventures and slinky, sexy rendezvous are my preferred way to spend a date.

I’m currently splitting time between San Diego and San Francisco, but can be enticed to travel. Reach out for more information.

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Or, for the kinkier souls among you…

If you are a good boy I will tell you exactly how to stroke your dick. Disappoint me and I will lock your cock away where it’s safe from your incessant abuse. You will adore and worship every asset to earn your just desserts.


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