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Sexually Broken 2013

It’s time for a Sexually Broken extravaganza! Next Saturday, December 7th 2013 at 3pm EST I will be the very willing victim in a BaRS (bondage and rough sex) show for the Intersec team’s live feed site, Realtime Bondage. This will be the first monthly, Sexually Broken style live show on the RTB platform and the first time I’ve appeared there since 2011. Before we get to the practical details, I thought I’d do a little catch up gallery for all of the dirty, filthy things Matt Williams has been doing to me over at Sexually Broken that haven’t made it on my blog just yet!

Tied down tight to a beam I wasn’t sure how Matt would even get to my holes, but of course this position was just the beginning. Better to cane your feet, my dear! Then a little adjustment and my feet are connected to my neck in a neverending yo-yo of pressure and face fucking. Another switch and now my neck is attached to my waist for an eye-opening pussy fucking. Then, because he is the best kind of daddy he puts a hitachi in one hand and my neck rope in the other for a truly blurry, delicious orgasm or twenty.

I was in quite a tizzy by the time we attempted this double back-bend suspension with the seriously amazing, Darling. I love this girl, I really do. There are almost no words for this tie. I mean I’ve never seen anything like it…I’ve certainly never done anything like it. Darling is locked down with a vibrator on her pussy while Matt roughly fucks my throat. I could hear her cumming over and over as the blowjob drool and slime starts working its way down my face and onto hers. By the time Matt goes for the suspension my knees and neck are already screaming, but the wave of endorphins as we start lifting was incredible.

This was one for the true bondage fetishist, strict and complex rope configurations with a breathless, grunting struggle to just survive. My only regret is that little kiss was all the touching I could manage on that hot fucking bitch underneath me! Watch the trailer here.

This time around I came to the studio for two quick scenes, feeling kind of nervous since I hadn’t been there in a while. Arms chicken winged on a pole with my tits wrenched tight and a blindfold. So much anticipation. My throat workout started early and continued all day. Lots of opportunity for manhandling, tossed all over the bed like a little bondage doll. There’s just something about being head over the edge of the bed, cock balls deep in your face, while Daddy overwhelms your cunt with vibration. Slut heaven! But it wouldn’t be complete without ending in a super strict, eye-watering hogtie. It was just the beginning…of course.

When Matt said the words “blowjob machine” I had no idea what he was on about. I guess I was picturing a kind of spit roast with a plain old fucking machine, but ha why I thought it would be so simple I don’t know! What it REALLY meant was being strapped to a custom skullcap attachment on a fucking machine body that was bolted to a post. Of course I was strapped to said post with nowhere to go and a hitachi on my pussy. God damn so much to think about at once! This machine truly Sexually Broke my whole damn head until I was a deep throating, gurgling, spit covered beast wrung out of any orgasm left in my body. Wow. I was talking like a husky sex kitten for 2 days after this. Watch the trailer, seriously.

The Intersec crew will always feel like a family to me. My career really started after working with Hardtied and Infernal Restraints those 8 (gasp!) long years ago. No one ever doubted my abilities after they knew I could handle PD. I’ve truly enjoyed watching them grow and evolve as a company and they will always be the original source of bondage ingenuity to me! I can’t wait to take part in their next endeavour.

Once again, please join us Saturday, December 7th at 3pm PST for 1-1.5 hours of nonstop Bondage and Rough Sex with yours truly, the master handlers at Realtime Bondage and most importantly, the members. If you crave audience participation this is the one for you! For a truly thorough experience grab one of their brand new “platinum memberships” which gives you a nice little deal on a combo subscription to one of their main sites (Hardtied, Infernal RestraintsSexually Broken) plus Realtime Bondage. I hope to see you there!