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Claire Adams Retired

Oh Hogtied Live…Claire Adams’ retirement shoot. I haven’t been able to face this, because my soul is beyond sad that the industry has lost such a talent. There are very few people on this planet that have BDSM skills at this level, let alone kick ass women who can take way more than they can give. And oh can she give…

It’s hard to even find the words to describe this complex and creative human. I started watching her before I ever considered doing porn myself. She is a true “lifestyle pervert”, motivated by a genuine desire to push boundaries in a mind bending, visually perfect way. I have always loved and appreciated how far she would go to get that final image of the bondage. So respectful of traditional ideas while always pushing the envelope. A lot of riggers would deviate from the desired finished product to make the day go faster, but she would persevere.

She always knew when I could push myself further and when I was so high on endorphins my assessment of my own limits was skewed. Claire could read me like her favorite book, I always trusted her to do any crazy thing she could think of to my body. And my mind, she never forgot the mind. Such a dichotomy of understated grace in personality and yet inspiring, extravagant work both as a sub and a top.

This was her final shoot before transitioning back into civilian life.

Claire handed over the reigns of Hogtied to another industry veteran we already know quite well, James Mogul. What is a little masochist to do at the hands of 2 very worthy sadists except hang on and take whatever they dish out? This was shot live which added an extra element of verbal humiliation that just might push this movie into my short-list of favorites regardless of the emotional undertones.

At the very end when I was practically speaking in tongues and cumming like a wild beast, in comes JP to apply a little pressure to all of the appropriate spots.
When it was all said and done quite a few crew members bum rushed the stage and shackled Claire on her knees, so a few models and myself could smash whipped cream covered tits in her face. We laughed, we cried. It was too much! You can see that little finale’ at the end of this Behind Kink video commemorating her amazing work.

I refuse to say goodbye, I know someone this dedicated can never stay away from us forever. I have (temporarily) lost one of my biggest fans and a true inspiration to me as a professional perv. She is irreplaceable and will be missed. For your final enjoyment (for now) I give you Claire Adams’ retirement shoot at Hogtied Live.