I know you’ve been perving on my photos and videos for years. Searching pirated videos of me on Pornhub and jerking your demanding dick without my permission. How many loads have you squirted into the world off the back of my labor?

I know you read every word on my Twitter, saving every photo to your spank bank. You gobble up every freebie I post on the Internet, and what do you do for me in return?

I enchant, enthrall and improve your very existence with my presence. Yet every day your debt to me grows. Absolve yourself of guilt, and #GiveYourMoneyToWomen where it belongs.


Pay Your Debts

  • My Pay Page – Support this secure and sex worker friendly payment service. Join my Members Only feed, buy customs & personal items, make tributes.
  • Insured, concealed cash to my UPS mailbox



Gifts demanded and expected, but never considered payment.

Surrender to my magnetism, and show me you mean it by sending a token of your affection. I enjoy practical contributions as much if not more than the overtly sexual.