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The Upper Floor 2009

I don’t know what exactly got me thinking about The Upper Floor, but in looking through the archives here I remembered how fucking busy I was during my time there. I’ve barely mentioned the many, many shoots I participated in and that’s a damn shame! So just for shits and giggles, and in honor of James Mogul’s recent(ish) return to directing The Upper Floor and The Training of O, I offer you a little look back at The early days.

It all started at the epic “First Supper” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), with a gaggle of slave girls and all directors in attendance, plus the legendary Laura Antoniou author of The Marketplace series. Satine Phoenix and I were competing to become the first official house slave of The Upper Floor. This first hours long shoot felt like a marathon, and by the time I was strung up for my initiation beating at the hands of the directors I was practically on a different planet. You can read even more about this in my blog.

Next came The First Cocktail Party in The Upper Floor lounge with myself and 3 petitioning slaves; Bella Rossi, Savannah West and Sarah Shevon. Again Princess Donna was in attendance, making all the slaves swoon.

Then my official trials as house slave began. My first task was to scrub the TUF office floor hooded and on my hands and knees. Soon after was a party with guests from the local BDSM community to kick off my 90 day trial period (Torn’s Dilemma). This was my first experience being the focus of so many people. I will remember those trials forever.

After all the tests, initiations and kick offs we held our first day of regularly scheduled service sessions, including the grueling morning workout (House Routines). Next was a huge Halloween party full of familiar (and new) faces getting filthy on every available surface.

These beginning days of The Upper Floor were a great experience. Taking such a fledgling fantasy and making it a functional reality with a dedicated crew was downright amazing. Part 2 of this Upper Floor retrospective will kick off with holiday parties, house slave #2 Sarah Shevon, and the official website launch. Keep an eye out for it!