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Best of Infernal Restraints

I was skimming through the archives recently and found myself inspired to create a highlight gallery of the excellent times I’ve had at Infernal Restraints since my fresh meat days in 2006. I’ve literally watched myself grow up from an 18 year old baby to a seasoned veteran over the last 7 years on their sets, and these scenes never get old. I’ve been poked, prodded, dunked and covered in bugs at the hands of the Intersec experts and believe me that’s just the beginning.

It’s been an unbelievable ride and yet somehow every time I go back there’s always something new waiting. Since its inception Intersec has put creativity and originality as a top priority, and they never disappoint.

Below you will find a list of all the scenes I’ve made for Infernal Restraints with a direct link to the movie on their website as well as to my blog post here with a preview photo gallery. That includes galleries from 7 movies that have since been removed from I.R. due to complaints about piss/knives/cigarettes/asphyxiation/water tanks or whatever else their payment processor found offensive (thank you very much Visa).

Date Title Links
7-13-12 Torn Apart My Blog
7-29-11 Painful Dream -Blog TBA
7-8-11 The Wall -Blog TBA
12-17-10 Pain Management My Blog
9-18-09 Caged Part 2 My Blog
8-24-09 Caged Part 1 My Blog
4-24-09 Cherry’s Break My Blog
1-30-09 Pigdog’s Problem Part 2 My Blog
12-12-08 Pigdog’s Problem Part 1 My Blog
11-21-08 Special Delivery My Blog
7-4-08 Dirty Girl Part 3 My Blog
6-13-08 Dirty Girl Part 2 My Blog
5-30-08 Dirty Girl Part 1 My Blog
1-4-08 Hole My Blog
4-6-07 Wrenched My Blog
10-27-06 Cherry Chair Part 2 My Blog
9-29-06 Cherry Chair Part 1 My Blog
8-16-06 Bilbo Bimbo My Blog