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Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasy

Calling all beta cuckolds out there!

Do you have a small dick? Are you a cock sucking faggot? Or a chronic premature ejaculator?

Maybe your wife is completely uninterested in sex? Or cheating on you with abandon? Believe me, I’ve heard it all on the phone.

We both know I’m completely out of your league, so rest assured I know exactly how to dish out the humiliation a beta cuck like you deserves. I revel in the satisfaction I get from tease and denial games that leave your balls full and your head spinning.

A little bitch boy like you should be eternally frustrated and desperate. If your hotwife really loves you she will lock your small penis up in chastity where it belongs. I know if I were your key holder I would never let it out, because your pathetic dick is completely worthless to me.

If you work up the courage to pick up the phone and call me on Niteflirt I will tell you all about my sex adventures with my Alpha bull stud. I love to suck huge cocks and have rough anal sex when I’m presented with a perfect Alpha male specimen.

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Cocksucking Faggot

I know you’re not…gay. Not all the way gay anyway. I mean you’re clearly hopelessly addicted to me aren’t you slave? Your perfect, powerful Mistress.

That’s how we ended up in this predicament isn’t it?…You will do any dirty, humiliating deed I demand in the name of…devotion. Even sucking a big, hard cock isn’t that right, faggot?!

Be my cock sucking faggot slave in this forced bi themed Femdom POV clip.

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Babysitter Blackmail

Babysitter Blackmail

Babysitter Blackmail

Just imagine it, you’re a regular old married guy. Every busy family needs a helping hand, and your wife has left it to you to find the perfect babysitter. What do you do when a beautiful applicant like me shows up at the door?

It wouldn’t be right to stare, but you just can’t help it can you? I mean looks at my tits…and that outfit…a man might assume I’m even inviting such attention. A little touch couldn’t hurt, could it?… ;)

Or so you thought. You’re a dirty boy with poor impulse control, and now you’re going to do every little thing I say or I’ll tell your wife everything!

Let me blackmail you into submission in this humiliation focused tease and denial clip.

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Happy Anniversary!

“3 years ago today we walked down the aisle in front of all our friends and family to declare our commitment to one another. God knows I’ve tried to play the part of the dutiful stepford wife, but I think we both know by now that it’s just not working. That you’ll never truly be able to satisfy me…

Your cock is just too small and you always blow your load in two minutes. Neither of us wanted things to turn out this way, but living like this really isn’t fair to me. All this time I’ve been faithful to you, but baby I’ve finally come to a decision…

Today is the day our lives will change forever.

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Cherry Torn Strap-on Fuck

I am sick and tired of the male gender’s attitude about anal sex! Should you really be entitled to plow your partner’s tight little ass without giving up your own fuckhole in return? Of course not! Bend over pig, I will plow that sense of male entitlement right out of you with my big, fat strap-on cock!

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Cherry Torn Sees the Cuckold in you.

cherrytorn-seesthecuckold-uncensored300w“It’s right you know…that nagging voice inside your head telling you over and over that you aren’t worthy of her. I’m sure it’s something you’ve always suspected. You know she isn’t satisfied with your pathetic cock. Even if it’s not a tiny little dicklet it’s still attached to you…a low little beta male…”

Cherry Torn Sees the Cuckold in you.
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