About Cherry

Who the fuck is “Cherry Torn”? I am 27 years old (at the time of writing) and approaching the 10 year mark of performing in porn. From the age of 18 every hairstyle (good or bad), every genre I’ve participated in, every role I’ve taken on, every zit on my ass, every pound I’ve gained or lost has been documented forever.

I can’t speak for all of the marketing language out there in Internetland, but I like to think that everything you’ll see here on cherrytorn.com is just real, for better or worse. I built this website with my own two hands and every word you see here is mine. Trust that I have minimal ability to bullshit, and I treat this little portal like my one direct line to the universe. Never a membership site, just a free platform to explore my recent work and get to know my insides a little better!

Deep down I’m a Southern girl, with amazing and supportive (not even divorced) parents, just trying to make it in the big city. I graduated at the top of my class from my redneck high school a year early. I had lofty education goals like most kids with good grades before the realities of life set in. I had no college fund and a difficult choice between being miserable at an in-state university or taking the road less traveled. As I’m sure you can imagine I just love rocking the boat…

On my 17th birthday I flew to England and dabbled at school off and on, never finding the right fit. I was intent on continuing my desperate search for real life BDSM in general, submission specifically. By 18 I was doing webcam shows and blogging, beginning to document the crazy shit I was already doing for free. Within the year I was contacted by scat porn producers asking me to fly to mainland Europe to make movies. Once I conquered that I dove into BDSM porn. I cut my teeth at Shadowslaves, Hardtied, Infernal Restraints and countless small producers in the States and abroad.

In 2007 I took a huge leap and moved back to America. I’d never visited San Francisco before, but its reputation as a welcoming place for freaks certainly preceded it. More than anything it was home to Kink.com, and if you wanted to be a successful BDSM performer that was considered the holy grail.

I tried my hand at every which way one can be dominated, even eventually agreeing to touch penises on camera after abstaining for 5 years. That used to be a big deal for BDSM models before Sex and Submission shattered the sex-while-tied-up taboo. I spent ~2009/2010 as the first head house slave on Kink.com’s D/S protocol website, The Upper Floor. It was a wild ride that tested everything I thought I knew about my personal kinks.

After becoming thoroughly saturated with slave life I decided to put aside my preconceived notions of sleazy ickiness and explore “mainstream” “vanilla” porn. If The Upper Floor pushed my boundaries of talking on camera, Vanilla porn forced me to push my butthole, act and talk filthy in ways I never imagined. Somehow those skills were the final keys I needed to begin exploring my dominant side…something I assure you 15 year old me never expected.

My sexy, amazing partner-in-crime Sophie Monroe and I began offering private domination sessions around 2012. After polishing my act in private and in smaller productions, I started 2014 playing dominant roles in movies for Kink.com. “Femdom” is a whole new genre, and I’m eating it up like a greedy sugar addict, with still so much to learn. You will be hearing lots more about my adventures in this arena whether you like it or not (you know who you are), but I have no intention of forgetting my submissive roots (so no complaining). I refuse to pick one role!

Somehow between the copious posts of gratuitous nudity, I’d love to unmask the airbrushed “porn star” and dispel some of those pervasive porno myths. I want to remind the world that behind that pretty face you jerk off to is a human being with thoughts, feelings, ambitions and opinions. Some of them not even butthole related!

I want to expose the less glamorous side of porn life with a glimpse of the often arduous “preparation” process, behind-the-scenes hilarity and the aftermath of a 5+ hour S&M scene. I’m talking classic sex worker bullshit; boyfriends, family issues, bruises, butthole dramas and the nearly futile fight for privacy in a digital world. It’s fascinating, sometimes disgusting and all learned by comical trial-and-error!