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Whipped Ass – Paris Lincoln

Beating up boys came surprisingly natural to me. I’m used to being manhandled by their strength and grovelling for the dick. Let’s face it, my entire career is largely based around seducing some penis or another, so the idea of turning the tables just fills me with glee. I get excited and giddy, more than happy to make them beg and devour them like a hungry beast, because they deserve it…

Topping women is a whole other kettle of fish. Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, delicate little flowers with complex sex organs. Pretty girls are used to being pursued by men and complimented. They get to sit back and let the bees come to them. In life anyway, but not on Whipped Ass.

I now have 2 dominant WA scenes under my belt. This movie with Paris Lincoln was my first, and her first proper porn shoot ever. It was mildly terrifying and totally exhilarating. I still remember my first scene with Kink like it was yesterday (Whipped Ass with Nikki Nievez actually), such a big responsibility knowing the sub will remember that shoot forever. You just want to do a good job, but god the actual BDSM is such a tiny fraction of the shit you need to remember when making these movies. Something I realized as I tried to adjust my usual demure pretty girl photos into something more badass.

Lucky for us the crew had come up with a pretty awesome concept for my debut topping scene – Cherry Torn’s School of Submissive Sluts. Say that six times fast! We started the shoot with a hilarious little commercial which you can see in the trailer!

Then it was finally time to get my hands on the meat! I put the slut over my knee and spanked that juicy booty until it was bright red. Then I put really strict pencil clamps on her nipples, spreading all of her holes wide for inspection. I hadn’t taken off my ho nails yet, so I couldn’t get in that pussy as thoroughly as I would have liked. That has since been rectified I assure you. Then a little present for the wide-eyed Paris, a sexy orgasm with the Acuvibe.

But that of course was just the beginning. Class moves on into the dungeon for a more thorough lesson. Paris is strung up on one foot in a challenging bondage position and a hot red ball gag in her mouth. I applied the flogger and the crop all over before stuffing her wet mouth and hungry pussy with a dick on a stick.

In the final scene Paris is bound in a bolero strait jacket. I have taken a serious liking to that thing, so feminine and hot and not like a regular strait jacket at all. I put a dildo gag in her mouth hole and fucked her face for all it’s worth. Once I got mine I flipped her over and plowed her ass deep with my strap on.

It was an eye opening day for the both of us I think. It has been so interesting to watch new performers learn those very first ropes of porn production. The waiting, desperately trying to stay cute in a small sweltering room packed with lights, the discomfort of staying in bondage for a particular length of time, struggling to keep yourself up when you don’t have the use of your arms, opening up for the camera, making your internal reactions external, the list goes on into infinity.

This being only my second time domming for an entire Kink movie my list of things to improve on is long. Relearning all of my photography poses, having the confidence to flow through the scene as much as possible without direction, how to fuck with a strap on without looking like Quasimodo, not having TOO much empathy when I know someone is new. To expound upon that a little more…how to balance my desire to respect the tenants of BDSM, the true feelings of the sub, and the desires of the viewer which do not always line up neatly. That’s a tricky one, but hopefully you will notice some improvements in my filthy prison scene with Serena Blair and an upcoming movie with David Layne for Divine Bitches. There are a couple more WA scenes on the way too!

You can see free trailers of both Paris Lincoln and Serena Blair on AND you can follow them both on twitter – Paris, Serena. Until next time!