Welcome Back, me!

Hello world! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything personal here. 9 years of oversharing on the internet finally caught up with me, and I’ve had a real phase of craving privacy. But let’s be honest, that couldn’t last forever right?After spending 15 long months in the very center of San Francisco with the constant hustle and bustle, Sophie and I have taken the animals and escaped to the suburbs. When I hightailed it out of the South at 17 I never thought I would crave the solitude of a less urban area again. I guess tromping through an army of bums and human feces to get to my front door wore me down after a while. Now the air smells good, I’m not afraid to let the dog’s feet touch the ground and I can buy milk without getting harassed.

I insist 2013 be a year of change and progess. Out with the old and in with the new! You may have noticed a few minor upgrades around the site and that I have finally migrated everything back to where it belongs. I have every intention of reviving my little home on the web, and I thought I would start with a little photo retrospective of the last 5 months from my Iphone archives!