The Next Chapter

Someone commented recently on the lack of personal posts here, and it got me thinking about the rollercoaster of a (relatively) long career in sex work. You have to be like water to stay one step ahead of the burn out and over exposure, finding things that fuel your inner whore while avoiding the little tasks that tax your reserves. Putting my thoughts into words can be one of the first things I ignore, but in reality I think it’s worth the struggle.Early 2011 I started my experimentation with vanilla porn, something I honestly never thought I would do. Traditional BDSM movies historically had minimal sexual contact, hell sometimes not even nudity. Over the years that boundary has been broken, and if memory serves that was largely due to the launch of Sex and Submission by The idea of fucking a girl while she was tied up was a real legal taboo that few production companies had the balls (aka money) to challenge.

Because of that history “strictly fetish” models often had a bit of an attitude about vanilla porn. Some sex workers like to build this mental hierarchy of whore-iness based on how much fluid you exchange with someone else, and fetish porn was like this limbo where you could sell sex for money without getting penetrated by a penis. This stereotype managed to permeate even my proud pervert bubble, although less in a shame way and more in a “ew gross” kind of way. I will pause here, so those of you who know me can have a good laugh!

For about 3 years I was largely (yes there were a few exceptions) strange-penis-penetration free. It was actually deciding to do The Training of O, which required full sex, that motivated me to reconsider. Once I made the decision I didn’t even wait for TTOO to happen. My first full sex scenes were with Derrick Pierce (Fucked and Bound) and Mark Davis (Sex and Submission)…both of which were entirely pleasant experiences. So pleasant I was forced to examine my preconceived notions on why a self-proclaimed cockwhore had avoided the situation for so long.

Frankly I was a dumb ass, because due to my uninformed bias I missed the last bubble of gold in vanilla porn. The good old days back when people were less educated about the internet and pirating movies still required effort and a risk of computer viruses. Before HD digital cameras were so accessible anyone could make a porno and the talent pool grew exponentially. The stigma for doing porn is still significant, but when you grow up watching Girls Gone Wild infomercials it doesn’t seem so foreign.

Porn, particularly mainstream, is like a dying beast. Almost every movie can be illegally downloaded within days of release. 8 years of Republican politics stirred up even more stringent 2257 record keeping regulations and rabid obscenity cases that pushed a lot of smaller productions out of business. The crisis has now been downgraded from nuclear meltdown to just a general pain in the ass thanks to a Democrat in office and years of (continuing) legal battles which have fine tuned the rules, making them a bit more manageable.

Unfortunately nothing can solve the strangle hold credit card companies like Visa have on the nuts of all producers. They decide (seemingly on a daily whim) what types of content they will process payments for, and if you don’t like it you can just not use them. Which let’s face it, isn’t really an option. I have serious respect for small independent producers (like Maggie and Ned at Meet the Mayhems) who are choosing to face the discrimination to make porn they love, even though “low volume” accounts will probably always get the short end of the stick.

Recently witch hunts over false “public safety” allegations by organizations like the AIDs Healthcare Foundation and The Pink Cross have driven the industry’s central testing facility, AIM (Adult Industry Medical) Healthcare Foundation, out of business. That is despite the fact there have only been about 4 cases of performers contracting HIV on “heterosexual” porn sets since 2004, a rate far less than the general population.
Now when someone tests postive for HIV, whether it be a false positive or an accurate result, there is no centralized way to follow the tree of partners for retesting, making the mandatory moratoriums on shooting longer and the trails muddy. The Free Speech Coalition is trying to rectify that with APHSS (Adult Performer Health and Safety Services), but outside of LA their participating facilities can’t keep up with the 24 hour turn around time the industry is used to.
Now we have AHF’s mandatory condoms in porn initiatives which started in the city of Los Angeles, the vanilla porn mecca, but if they have a say will continue throughout the country. First they got enough signatures to force the city of LA to hold a special election on the issue, but the city council decided it was easier to pass the law on its own than spend 4 million dollars on the election process.

Now the city is scrambling to figrure out a practical way to enforce the law. Especially since it is techinically tied in to obtaining a film permit, which the majority of companies don’t even apply for. Oh and it currently only applies within the city of Los Angeles while a majority of movies are shot in the San Fernando Valley, part of the greater LA area. A conservative agenda and deep pockets get you far in America, especially in a battle against an already maligned group, so I expect this issue to haunt the industry for quite a while. I personally have mixed feelings on the issue, but I can promise you AHF should have nothing to do with it.

All of this means making money producing smut is not the sure bet it once was. As a performer, less jobs overall and an endless talent supply have made it more important than ever to hustle hard. After a year of vanilla porn I’m already frustrated at the lack of control over my own appearance,  chafing at the LA porn stereotype I will never quite fit into.

The main goal for 2012 is less traveling for shoots, more private professional BDSM. Starting to think every time I get comfortable with my work routine I get bored and rebellious! I’m not retiring from porn in the slightest, but after 7 years of earning all my money romancing producers and members, I’m excited to incorporate a little off-camera time that’s on my own terms. I think I might be developing control issues! Should be interesting…