The Mistress Archetype

There are many tired cliches about the infamous “Dominatrix”. Visually most of them seem to have more in common with Catwoman. In reality there are no hard and fast Femdom rules, and that is the beauty of BDSM isn’t it?

Pain, Pleasure and Discipline…

There are prim and strict Mistresses who are the picture of propriety and etiquette like Ms. Liliane Hunt. Extreme sadists who love to push mental and physical boundaries like Aiden Starr. Even hypersexual nymphettes who use their obvious tangible assets to overpower, manipulate and control like Dominatrix Barbie Ashley Fires.

The combinations are endless and fascinating. These tropes are just the tip of the iceberg. Each Dominatrix has their own values, their own obsessions that make them tick. In my opinion the best don’t give in to BDSM stereotypes that try to make us all the same.

I reject the tired cliches. I will dominate you just as easily in yoga shorts as leather and latex. I don’t have to raise my voice to express my authority. I don’t have to be mean to maintain control.

How to please Dominatrix Cherry Torn

What drives Cherry Torn? What motivates me and makes my pussy wet with power? Many things darling, but I most highly value two qualities; passionate submission and an ever desperate thirst for filth.

If you know anything about my (very public) history, you know I was a slave on a mission for nearly 10 years. I hunted out my submissive experiences with a laser like focus, evolving and experiencing everything I could. Wringing countless world renowned dominants out like a sponge.

From day one I have pushed boundaries; mentally, physically, sexually. I’ve tried nearly every kinky activity that doesn’t break skin or risk scarring, and many that do. I have fucked and sucked in every combination, with every gender and orientation. I have pushed my holes to their limits and experienced the real meaning of filth. I know what it means to hurt and beg and cry. What it means to be shameless.

I tell you this so you know every time I demand anything of you I’ve been there before. I know exactly how it feels inside your mind, inside your body. What it means to truly suffer and humble yourself for another. How it feels to give yourself up completely.

Knowing all of that is precisely why I demand it of you. Why it thrills me to the core when you comply willingly. I have no special love for brats or bottoms who require you to drag their submission out by the hair. I begged to be in your place with no shame or hesitation.

Through those countless experiences I learned myself inside and out. I know what I like, what I don’t like and why. It’s my goal that any submissive under my instruction be able to say the same.That they be fully capable of choosing their role as well as articulating and participating in their own fantasies.

Slave Training…Reward vs. Punishment

The introspective and self aware slave is beyond valuable. I pine for subs who are open and observant. I can assure you no dominant is a mind-reader by choice. You must learn to communicate to have the experience you desire.

When I ask what you like it’s not because I intend to give it to you. A good dominant understands that punishments and rewards are particular to each sub. If you are a skilled masochist beating you is not a punishment.

I need to know everything about you. What’s hard and what’s easy. What makes your cock hard or shrivel into your guts. A good sub knows the answers to these questions, or at the very least they know what they don’t know.

It sounds simple, but knowing yourself and continuing to obey is not always easy, despite one’s pure intentions. As a brand new sub you bring a blank slate to the table. Often just open and curious, looking to experience anything and everything BDSM. You may find yourself with the infamous starter-Dom. A relationship that tends to burn out the second the sub has their bearings in the scene.

Which flavor of Mistress is right for you?

With education and experience comes opinions, preferences and limits. Once you’ve sampled the entire buffet, you know pretty well where you’re heading for seconds. Discovering what personally excites you creates a new pressing need for compatibility with your top of choice. The dominant role is never one size fits all.

Do you want a Dominatrix who is strict, sadistic and minimally sexual or a power slut looking to wring your soul out through your cock? Maybe even someone who can encompass all aspects of power as needed. Only you can decide.

Submissive Communication & Participation

Should you truly be one of those fabled “no limits” type slaves, only interested in “pleasing”, even you must learn to express yourself properly. “Whatever you want Mistress” is the most boring response I can hear.

No one wants to beat a dead horse, literally or figuratively. I push your buttons to elicit a reaction, and I expect to be satisfied. I am looking for a genuine exchange of power. Something freely given, that I will take with fervor but also care. I want to explore every crevice of your mind with your enthusiastic consent and participation.

Do you dare to try me slave? Pick up the phone and call me on Niteflirt for genuine Femdom phone sex with a true lifestyle pervert.

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