On the subject of “Princess”

I’ve been searching for my honorific of choice lately, and have found them all…underwhelming. Mistress, Miss, Princess, Goddess, Priestess, Lady, blah blah.

The princess fantasy is a lovely one. Being a goddess must be nice. Pampered and spoiled. Never having to lift a finger. Spending ones time lunching, shopping. Always leaving the labor to the less fortunate. Sounds very pleasant…and completely boring.

I like getting my hands dirty. The sweet pain of callouses. Sweating through a job well done. I do my own laundry. I cook. I clean. Pampered has never been my life. Not by chance or by choice, except in measured doses. So no, not royalty no.

With my mish mash of experience I’m hard to define with one label. My power exchange experience is unique, varied and thorough. I value the sub and their contributions. I know intimately everything they experience with great empathy, but at the same time I demand obedience.

I know what it means to suffer and be humiliated, but I have 0 patience for sloppy submission. My standards are sky high. I take what I want with exacting precision, but I’ve never been much of a lady.

Mistress it is then. Miss if you will. The architect of your demise. The unattainable example of female perfection that leaves you breathless and wanting. The title is truly unnecessary, because the product is always the same.

I’m reminded of all this after spending a couple days bottoming recently. It’s rare that I shoot submissive scenes, but I enjoy it. Not because of a desire to submit, but because it’s a sexy workout with orgasms. I come out the other side satisfied and inspired to devour your souls more creatively.

Topping has given me a new appreciation for the amazing handlers I work with and the predicaments they construct. Everything I experience, top or bottom, is fodder for future calls and sessions.

So many greedy slave boys call me obsessing about training and being used, pining for what they see in my movies. Of course 9 out of 10 would run yelping like a scalded puppy if they felt the reality of what I experience without batting an eyelash.

It must be an interesting head trip to know your Mistress is better than you at basically everything, even your little slave skills. There’s nothing you will ever do for me that I can’t do better myself. What exactly do I need you for?..

There’s an answer. Figuring it out is how you truly become mine.