Perverts are My Favorite

The wide world of D/s is such an interesting place. It draws all kinds who find an otherness within themselves. Those who are fascinated with the complex, perverse and bizarre nature of human behavior. Compelled by their own fetishes and fantasies to experiment.

And It’s obviously not exclusive to men, the designated pervert gender. Even the “normal” women in this world find themselves with a general desire to be dominated and “forcibly” taken. 50 Shades of Gray certainly wasn’t popular for its literary merit, and yet countless women devoured it like hungry beasts. In public no less.

Still, as a society we love publicly rejecting anything but the most innocuous expressions of alternative sexualities. Even Hollywood’s iteration of Mr. Gray has to express disdain for the dirty perverts he portrays. Normal people love to distance themselves from us lest they catch the pervert cooties.

Well, fuck that. I wear my pervert badge front and center. To me, perv is a term of endearment. I have great respect for anyone who laughs at the path of least resistance and lets their freak hang out.
Anyone at all, but especially the submissive persuasion. Male or female it takes a lot of balls to shirk society’s expectation and judgement to humble oneself. Even in private making yourself vulnerable for another isn’t easy.

I cherish those who are compelled to serve and take genuine pleasure from being used. They’re rare, but they are out there.
They hunger for that feeling of rightness that only comes from being kept well in hand and under control. They may even be self-destructive or depressed without it. They must regularly and vigorously exorcize the demons within.

Whether it’s through suffering, humiliation or denial the true submissive is always searching for the next fix. That next rush of endorphins…and the perfect Mistress to supply it.

I have a gnawing hunger for that exchange. If you have that elusive quality I want, why haven’t we met perv?

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