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Penthouse – 3/21/13

My first scene for Penthouse was an absolute pleasure. Shooting with them is definitely the more “glamorous” side of porn, if there is such a thing; huge wardrobe room, multiple makeup artists, beautiful lighting, and food that doesn’t suck. As a performer you can’t ask for much more. Except for an awesome costar of course, which Richie certainly is. We’d only worked together once before in a totally random balloon dart sex game movie. Lord knows where that even ended up, I shall have to investigate! It was a treat to get him all to myself.From Penthouse: “Richie’s parents are meeting his new girlfriend for the first time tonight. Of course she wants to make a good impression, but she wants Richie’s cock even more. With the parents due in less than an hour she’s determined to get fucked good and hard.”

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