Travel Blog – 12/29/11 – MDW to SFO

Sometimes knowledge is power, but sometimes it’s just plain sad. Currently on a Southwest flight, heading home from my 10 day Christmas “vacation” to South Carolina. I booked it with the many reward points I’ve accrued from my back and forth porno trips to LA (thanks porn!). I only had to pay the TSA $10, so I can’t complain too much about the 4 hour layover and 2+ hour delay. I just made the mistake of asking the flight attendant how much time we have left, and let’s just say it ain’t good! 1 bloody mary, 2 grand marniers & a Sam Adams Winter Lager at Chicago Midway…now 2 tiny airplane bloody marys later I’m somewhere between drunk and a headache…

I spent the first hour of limbo browsing aiport stores, Fossil in particular, drooling over the leather purses (~$200, still too redneck for that) and belts. I can’t help that even though I love animals, the wife and I have 3 rescue cats for fucks sake, nothing really compares to the smell and feel of real leather. Am I right pervs? I also eat meat on a daily basis and live in San Francisco, so I’m no stranger to the guilt and I’ve seen the nauseating documentaries. But god forbid you mention sniffing a purse on Twitter or some judgemental asshole will inform you that “supporting the cruelty of animals” and somehow even having kinky sex makes you a republican. Such a dirty word since I wouldn’t even call myself a democrat.

As a gay loving, bisexual porn whore who’s as liberal as they come the whole idiotic argument was baffling and a hilarious way to pass an hour in the airport bar. The rant is edited for length and censored for privacy although you can see the full extent of the silliness on my Twitter. {jumi [jumi/thumbstart.php]} {jumi [jumi/thumb.php] [thetorns] [twitterrant.jpg] []}{jumi [jumi/thumbstop.php]}Ultimately it got me to thinking about the kind of bullshit you have to put up with as an adult performer. This is not a complaint by the way, just an observation. Granted this guy had a stance, just no manners and 100% confidence in his ability to sum me up in one comment, but it’s just one example of the myriad of ways the vitriol trickles in from every avenue online.

2nd example of the day, the bootylicious (but definitely not lesbian) performer Sinn Sage who mostly works with women got this comment.

Everyone has their preferences, but the intensity is so unnecessary and random. Not to mention the fact she constantly talks about fucking the shit out of her boyfriend. Or that it’s not the first time the same person has made dickish comments. It bores them to tears yet they can’t look away or shut up.

It’s hard enough to be a woman with opinions, but taking unashamed control of your sexuality is such a threat to some men. There will always be a certain subset of porn consumer that lashes out at performers, because they don’t know what to do with their guilt over jerking it to whores. Maybe they just get off on being mean or they want to show the dumb sluts how smart they are, but doing webcam shows you hear it all. Standing up for yourself while kissing enough ass to keep some man from harassing you online is tricky business. It’s the same all over the internet I guess, there’s always a hater waiting to complain, and you can never please everyone.

For a better example than I could ever conjure up, head over to Billy Watson’s blog for amazing examples of emails from paying members of the huge interracial site Blacks on Blondes (where giant black cocks drill all your favorite porn hos, and yes you can find me there). They are fucking fascinating gems;

there must be a real shortage of women for your monkeys because there are always more men than women in your shots. Get a job losers.”.

And I purposefully picked the most mundane, it gets pretty disgusting, and yet they are paying for it. I can’t help but wonder if people deciding they know you after less than 140 characters or paying to essentially complain is unique to the porn world or not. Guessing it’s the same for any public “personality”, but sometimes you’re stranded drunk in an airport for 6 hours and you lose your nice filter for a second, oops!

To all the fans who appreciate the dirty movies you pay for and see the holes getting fucked (and the cocks filling them) as real people who deserve respect, you’re the fucking best. You are why I do porn.