Financial Hypocrisy

Here I sit…waiting. Again. Waiting on websites with good intentions and bad UIs to stop torturing me with every click of the save button. Gateway Time-Outs, poor support response and a 30%+ processing fee are just the assumed issues adult content creators have to deal with to release their media.

The banking industry decided long ago where the arbitrary line between “good” and “bad” business lies. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the law, they simply deem anything to do with the business of desire as generally high-risk. Creating barriers of entry and automatically high rates regardless of any account standing.

In reality this means removing legal sex work opportunities for women, people of color, LGBTQs, the disabled, chronically ill, body mod lovers and any other employer marginalized person. And so often we do turn to sex work as the most applicable and rewarding career option.

As the porn industry becomes more saturated and piracy has its effect, performers are prioritizing their personal content catalogue and direct interactions in addition to 3rd party scenes. Clips, Cam, Calls, Customs etc all make up slivers to the overall pie. A pie which is leeched from at 10x the level of most businesses, simply because of legal content.

Payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, and Square will shut down and seize your funds. Social media like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter will shut you down simply for receiving unwarranted complaints. Business tools like Big Commerce and Shopify deny you. Ad services with Google, Twitter, and Facebook are just plain unavailable.

Even if a Financial Domination website contained 0 adult content and 0 nudity it would be denied access simply because it talks adjacently to sex.

Men drive the demand, but keep the supply relegated to multiple poorly designed & maintained services at inflated prices. Why?

Performers and YOU are stuck sharing private financial and sexual information with shady people, insecure platforms and unknown foreign entities with 0 fraud protection.

The hypocrisy of these male run industries will wear on the performers you love. “Authority Figures” make our legal transactions as difficult as possible, all while targeting and prosecuting those who get paid in cash under the guise of sex trafficking.

Even male directors dare to publicly call out women who hustle on social media, supplement their income with gifts or escort. And for shame if we turn to outlets like Pornhub who actually do business in adult. Big companies can profit from ad deals and sponsored content while the performers are called sell outs for doing the same.

Performers Small businesses bear the unnecessary cost, time and aggravation, all of which is passed down to the same men, so they can pay us $10 a minute to complain about the inconvenience they have created.


Enjoy it.