Cunt Valentine’s Anal Massacre

As the horniest day of the year passes, I’m sure many of you dream of having a Dominant Porn Goddess like Me all to yourself. It’s a shame I don’t date beta losers like you, because a relationship with me comes with so many perks. I mean I’m an expert at every sexual technique, my friends are all gorgeous porn stars and I know exactly how to reward my man on Valentine’s Day.

This year I put on my whoriest outfit and showed my man who’s boss using my tight little, pink asshole. I’m sure your boring prude wife could never compare, so I’ve created a special PTV just to rub it in your face. 😉


Send your tribute for 6 photos of my special Valentine’s Day outfit plus an explicit 800 word story describing my bull’s enthusiastic anal reward. Think anal sex is a submissive activity? Think again! Only perfect examples of macho maleness ever get to experience my perfect little butthole.

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Miss Torn

P.S. Have you left proper feedback for all of your purchases? I’m watching you.