Apply to Serve Mistress Cherry Torn



Deposits are required for all sessions, no exceptions, but will be applied towards your session cost. If you need to reschedule after your deposit is paid you will have 30 days to do so or the amount is forfeit.



I offer in person domination sessions in privately operated dungeons in San Diego and San Francisco.Available in Los Angeles with no additional travel costs when you book 4+ hours. I also love to travel! Find out how easy it is to Fly Me to You for your next special engagement.



  • While My domination style has its own flavor, proper protocol will be maintained.
  • This is not a porn movie. No intimate body worship or sexual services are offered or implied.
  • Donation should be offered immediately and placed in plain sight or in a plain unmarked envelope.
  • If you show up intoxicated you will forfeit your session fee and be asked to leave.



I am an independent provider, safety and discretion are paramount. All emails are answered and vetted by me personally. Any information you share will be kept between the two of us. My reputation has spanned over 13 years, and I value your privacy and discretion as much as My own.



Screening is discreet, easy and non-negotiable for all meetings. Accurate information is necessary for verification purposes.

Provider References: Provide the names of providers you have seen recently. Do not share their private contact information. Do feel free to contact them, so they know you have used them as a reference. Include a link to their ad where I can contact them independently to discreetly verify you. Include the name & number they know you by, and any relevant details that might jog their memory. 

Alternative Verification: If you cannot supply a provider reference please provide me with your employment information (Company name, your position/title, and your company email address, which must be listed online) so I can verify you. I will ask you to send a blank or boring email from your professional account to my discreet, unpublished verification email address. Feel free to leave this blank *only if you provided references*.

If you’re not listed on your company site, please send along a few social media accounts {like LinkedIn, your Facebook, or other online presence. I may ask for more info in addition to these links to ensure my safety.)