About Cherry

My name is Cherry Torn and I’m a dominatrix. I am on a crusade to accelerate this century’s gradual progression of sexuality to a highly evolved state. I reject that women are meant to be demure, accommodating and coy; born mainly for cooking, cleaning and nurturing children. I was born shameless. I live my life with no limits. I fuck who I want, how I want, when I want and I demand the same freedom for all women.

I laugh in the face of your gender roles. Our patriarchal systems serve no legitimate purpose in today’s society. Women routinely outperform men in education, in the home and in the boardroom. We no longer need a man to vote, own property or control our finances.

It’s expected that men have voracious sexual appetites, consume an endless stream of porn and endeavor to stick their dick in any wet hole they can find. Their sexual conquests are lauded and supported, their rampant homophobia and madonna/whore complexes allowed to exist.

Yet female sexuality remains discouraged and demonized in a futile attempt to repress what they cannot control. But we don’t need the presence of men to get fucked or orgasm. Not even to procreate. Every supposedly male function is now obsolete.

It’s time to reject the male driven stereotype of catty, competitive women. It only serves to undermine our progress and ultimately benefit men. Our gender is strongest when we stand together to expose unacceptable male behavior. When we support other bad ass women furthering the cause.

I will not rest until slut shaming is a thing of the past, until behavior becoming of a lady equals nothing short of any fucking thing she desires. Until the swarms of men in this world wake up and realize they are one of a million begging for attention.

It’s time for men to evolve before the entire female species leaves them in the dust. You live every day scheming to gain our favor, yet you are out numbered, out classed and generally offering nothing for our trouble. Rest assured your behavior will be judged and rewarded or punished accordingly.

I get off on bruising the male ego, ruining misogynist fantasies and pissing all over what’s yours. I will cleanse the shame and guilt of aberrant sexual behavior from your mind until you have no hesitation rejecting “maleness”. You will cry, beg, scream and learn what it means to be bent over and fucked like a bitch.

I make the rules in this game and you will BEG to follow.